Four Pieces of Jewelry Every Collection Should Have

Four Pieces of Jewelry Every Collection Should Have-LeightWorks

Have you ever looked at celebrities and wondered how they look so put together? Often, they have on all the latest styles in all the top designers and are also wearing expensive jewelry. It might not be feasible for some of us to own designer clothes or have an extensive collection of diamond, crystal, gemstones or gold jewelry, but there are ways to build a collection that will allow you to grow your style in timeless way.

We all know that trends are constantly changing. Some become iconic, and some turn into classic styles. You can’t keep buying those trending crystal jewelry sets, diamond and gold neckpieces, or crystal pendants. Instead, focus on slowly building your jewelry collection with classic pieces that withstand the test of time.

We’ve come up with 4 main styles of jewelry that will keep you on trend and looking good for years to come. Check out the different styles of earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings below.

1. Crystal Earrings

Earrings are attractive and enhance the look of any outfit in any form. You can find numerous crystal earrings of various styles, sizes, colors, and metals that suit your neck length and face shape. 

LeightWorks Stud earrings are another classic option that gives you a formal and elegant look and compliments any outfit.

One can also try different stud earrings like our Triangle Stud Earrings.

Our Small Stud Earrings are also great and come in various colors.

The best thing about earrings is that there are so many varieties and they can be worn every day to complete any look. In fact, our Single Wrap Earrings, Drop Earrings, and Oval With Loop Earrings can be worn with any of your casual, formal or party looks.

2. Sleek Sterling Silver Chains & Crystal Pendants

These pieces are great for any time, location, or outfit. Wear a pendant with a nice sterling silver chain over a t-shirt, dress, or over shimmering party wear. Our crystal Lotus Pendant, Plumeria Pendant, and Sea Anemone Pendant hang from a simple chain and will match with all the clothes in your closet.

The next time you want to look bold and beautiful yet keep it mysterious and reserved, match up any of our crystal earrings with these pendants.

3. Bracelet

If you don’t already have a few bracelets in your collection you should really consider trying out a few styles! There are so many kinds of bracelets that can help add some additional style to your look. Bangles, chains, tennis, cuffs, designer, sliders, and crystal bracelets offer plenty of options to match with your different moods and styles.


While a tennis bracelet is one of the most popular styles and is a classic choice for any occasion, an Oval With Beads Bracelet or Snake Cuff Bracelet might add a different look and feel altogether. Don’t wait for a special occasion; match your LeightWorks crystal Drop Earrings with one of our crystal bracelets to find out which combination is going to become your timeless fashion look.

4. Rings

You can catch everyone’s attention with these glamorous and vibrant pieces like our Raima Ring or Double Circle Ring. All of our rings come in multiple colors, so you can collect your favorites and have fun matching all your outfits.

If statement rings aren’t your style, you can try out something a little more subtle like interconnected rings, geometrical shaped rings, motif rings, midi rings, or our Small Double Ring to rock a more subdued, but just as beautiful look.

These are four pieces of jewelry that every woman needs to have in her collection. With these tips, you can dress up, create your own unique fashion style daily, and not have to worry about losing control of your budget. Mix and match styles or collect various pieces of LeightWorks crystal jewelry to create your own set. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your styles and looks. Who knows, you may become the next style icon or top fashion influencer!

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