The 5 Best Handmade Jewelry for February- The month of love!

The 5 Best Handmade Jewelry for February- The month of love! - LeightWorks

It isn’t any hidden fact that the month of February is considered the month of love from ancient times! February is frequently known for being the season of love, dedicated to and all about spreading love and friendship. So, do you wish to make your lady feel loved by giving her crystal jewelry as a gift, this February? Are you planning to surprise her in ways she couldn't have even imagined? Are you still clueless if this would really make her happy or not? Well, the season of love is still on and jewelry is one of those accessories that ladies never get tired of experimenting with. Her accessories such as the jewelry collection, the makeup, and the clothes she wears, are a few aspects that matter a lot for a woman. These accessories not only refine her personality but also showcase her confidence.

If you want to surprise your partner with some simple yet romantic gifts in this month of love, you are certainly at the right place. Let’s just say, how about giving her an elegant pair of handmade crystal earrings or some bracelets.

The best aspect of handmade jewelry is the quality, variety, and versatility available within a pocket-friendly price range. No matter, if your lady is an adventure lover or a social butterfly, she will be delighted with crystal jewelry as a gift. So, today in this blog, we will shed light on 5 classy handmade crystal jewelry such as pendants, rings, bracelets for this season of love. So let's dive in.

 1)Handmade Crystal Bracelets- Let her shine the brightest!

Bracelets are one of the leading fashion accessories today. These can be worn by both men and women to depict their sense of style. The exquisite handmade bracelets are excellent gifts. These jewel pieces will add a bundle of style to your wrists, delivering everlasting confidence. Our unique 7 oval stones bracelets, as the name suggests, consist of 7 stones that match perfectly with every outfit and are a great choice for any occasion. It comprises sterling silver bezel components with adjustable links. If your lady loves color, and enjoys jewelry in variable shades, reward her with a simple yet sophisticated triangle bracelet that is available in both polished and frosted form. It comprises two triangles that possess a unique glow, making her wrist appear graceful as soon as she wears it. Furthermore, if your special one is a bangle lover, you can make her go merry by giving her bangle bracelets as a gift. The bangle bracelet is a true example of pure elegance. It consists of glowing crystals on a solid along with a sterling silver band.

7 Oval Stones Bracelet

2) Handmade Crystal Rings- A perfect jewelry gift!

While your lady is fond of jewelry, she won’t forget to accessorize her fingers with beautiful rings. Hence, giving her a handmade crystal ring as a gift isn’t a bad idea, right? You can explore a variety of rings in our collection, each offering an extraordinary specialty. For example, our unique small double ring is lightweight and adjustable. It has been created gracefully with a thin sterling silver band and has two 5mm circle crystals, comes in many shades. Furthermore, our hammered single circle ring is a piece of great crystal jewelry ring as a gift. It consists of an elegant design and offers durability. The exclusive sting ray oval ring consists of bold lines and is available in variable sizes. Envelop her finger with these attractive handmade rings while the season of love is still on.

Hammered Single Circle Ring

3) Handmade Drop earrings - An ideal catch, the best crystal jewelry for the gift!

It isn't any secret that women are always ready to experiment with their looks. They love to try trendy clothes, jewelry, and other stuff. They look for jewel pieces that make them appear unique in a classy way. They often accessorize themselves as per their moods. But when it comes to earrings, they follow the dress code. They choose to wear pair of earrings that go well with their outfit. Earrings are one of the accessories that complete their look and make them flaunt their style conveniently. So, why not gift a pair of earrings as a gift that goes well with every dress? Well, it is difficult to find such earrings, but we can make it easy for you. Our exquisite collection of drop earrings is suitable crystal jewelry as a gift. Some of the earrings in our collection include heart earrings, single wrap earrings, spiral and scallop earrings, etc. These are quintessential gifts as all of these are lightweight comprising bold lines, delivering the wearer an incredible look within no time.

Scallop Earrings

4) Sterling Silver Pendants- Shower your love, surprise her this February!

Her jewelry collection is incomplete without pendants. Pendants are some of those jewel pieces that are closest to a women's heart. A pendant instantly showcases her beauty as it comes into the notice the moment she is spotted. The handmade sterling silver pendants are always in demand because of their superior quality and longevity. Each of our pendants is created with magnificent craftsmanship and thorough attention to detail. Our vast collection includes pendants with shapes such as x-small drop, small heart, small and large wave pendants, single wrap, sun and sea turtle pendants, small glacier, wire wrap, nautilus pendants, and more. If your lady loves the mountains, we have something for you as well in our bag! Our polished or frosted mountain pendants allow the wearers to show their love for the mountain and nature. It depicts the mountains beneath the sky that is ruled by the sun and the moon. Make her feel fortunate to have a partner like you by gifting her an excellent pendant.

(Mountain Pendants)

5) Trendy Silver chokers- For a fashion enthusiastic lady!

Fashion keeps changing as per season and time. A few styling tips remain evergreen while some fade. Ladies are very good at keeping up with the fashion trends. They desire trendy accessories now and then. We have got the newest trendy accessory for the ladies who follow fashion up front for this season of love. Our trendy Sterling Silver Swirl Choker goes well with all types of pendants, made up of handmade hammered sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Swirl Choker

Wrapping it up!

Enough with the exploration, isn't it? As we have reached the end of this blog, we are quite sure that you made up your mind and have found the perfect gift for your beloved one. You must have found at least one jewel piece that will make her mood delightful, refine her aura and brighten up her day! She is your special one, make sure to make her feel blessed and loved this season. If you wish to buy any of these or explore more, you can visit LeightWorks.


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