5 Unique Ways to Style Earrings

5 Unique Ways to Style Earrings-LeightWorks

 Many of us have several pairs of earrings in our jewelry collection and we spend countless hours trying to pick out the right style to match the occasion. Have you ever wondered why certain earring shapes look better on you than others? Sometimes figuring out which style and shape is the most suitable can be challenging. If you’re wondering how to choose the right pair of earrings for every occasion, we’re here to help! We have compiled a list of some of our most stylish dangling earring designs which look amazing and go with everything!

Part of choosing the right pair of earrings is deciding which length of earring to wear. We have shorter styles and longer styles in our collection. Wondering what the different lengths in our collection are called? Here’s a quick reference:

Stud Earrings - Stud earrings do not drop below the earlobe. This earring design is secured onto a post that is then fastened to the ear with another piece on the back of the earlobe.

Dangling Earrings - These pieces hang just below the earlobe with minimal movement when you walk or swing your head.

Extension Earrings – The extension earrings hang below your earlobe, and the length varies with some hanging longer than others. These are our longest styles and, just like the name suggests, they extend the length of the earring. This allows movement during wear and many people enjoy the way they swing back and forth and side to side.

So now that you know the differences in length, let us help you choose the right style of earring for your specific style and face shape. Here are 5 of our favorite styles and our styling tips below.

1. Drop Earrings: These earrings are elegant, feminine and have a classic style. They are not very long and feature a crystal that hangs just below the earlobe. Our Drop Earrings look gorgeous with elegant gowns, statement necklaces, and classy bracelets. However, they also go well with everyday wear. They are one of our best-selling designs. Our crystal Drop Earrings in a teardrop shape look wonderful with both heart-shaped and oval face shapes.

crystal Drop Earrings

2. Single Wrap Earrings – These earrings are great for formal events. This style looks especially great with the inverted triangle face shape, as it adds more volume to the bottom part of your face. They also look great with heart-shaped faces. If you love to make a statement and your fashion choices are bold and contemporary, Single Wrap Earrings are exactly what you need in your earring collection.

Single Wrap Earrings


3. Double Drop Earrings - If you have a round face these earrings are made for you! They’ll help elongate your features. Our Double Drop Earrings are also great for everyday wear. If you enjoy casual style with a contemporary edge, our Double Drop Earrings are the perfect pair of earrings for your collection.

Double drop earrings

4. Small Glacier Earrings – Geometric shapes are known to add dimension to any look. This style is contemporary and edgy. Our Small Glacier Earrings have a polished clean look. They are the perfect fit for women with a round or oblong face because they sharpen the features and create an elegant and beautiful effect. If you have a unique fashion style and love to experiment with new trends, Small Glacier Earrings are the right choice for you.

Small Glacier Earrings

5. Wave Earrings – These earrings are perfect for square shape faces. These Wave Earrings are very elegant and will look gorgeous with long simple necklaces. If you are planning to wear sharp or strapless summer dresses these earring will not disappoint you.

Wave Earrings

We hope you found these tips helpful and that you’ve gained a better understanding of the different lengths and styles of earrings available. All of our crystal jewelry is available online to purchase at leightworks.com. Shop our many different designs of earrings that come in all different lengths and shapes. We hope this guide will help you find the right style for you!


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