How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry At Home?

How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry At Home? - LeightWorks

Finding a jewel piece of your choice is a difficult task and keeping it clean is another. Often, fashionistas are unaware of how to clean sterling silver jewelry at home. They often look for home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry. While you can remove sterling silver tarnish conveniently to a significant level, doing so incorrectly can cause more tarnish or can also damage the jewelry. Once you've learned the correct technique of how to clean tarnished jewelry, you will eventually fall in love with your old jewelry set over and over again. So, today in this blog, we will highlight the best ways to clean sterling silver jewelry, causes of tarnishing, and more. Hence, with no further ado, let’s dive right in.

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1) How to clean tarnished sterling silver jewelry?

Before we look for the best ways or home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry, we need to first understand what does tarnishing means? Tarnishing of jewelry simply means a process because of which it loses its shine. When a jewel piece is tarnished it appears dark.

Employing the best ways to clean sterling silver jewelry willreap great returns to your style sense. Fortunately, learning how to clean sterling silver jewelry isa doddle as all you need is to get a few home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry and understand the proper way of using them. Some of the best ways to clean sterling silver jewelry such as single wrap earrings, sea turtle pendants, Raima ring, include:

  • First of all, cleanse your handmade jewelry piece by wiping it with a soft cloth. You can also try scrubbing with mild dish soap in lukewarm water. Next, clean the residue thoroughly and rinse it off. Pat dry using a cotton cloth. Don't rub vigorously, use soft hands. Also, make sure your jewelry doesn't have any drop of water left on it, as the humidity may speed up tarnishing and deliver more damage.
  • Although water and soap are mainly not recommended while wearing sterling silver, these can be used to clean and polish the jewelry. This is a quick and cost-effective method to make your jewelry appear brand new.
  • Lemon juice has always been the first choice when it comes to cleaning and polishing household items, and it is also a suitable home remedy to clean sterling silver jewelry. The citric acid wipes off the corrosion and the olive oil is a wonderful substance that is used to polish the surface.
  • The other two well-known home remedies to clean sterling silver jewelry include baking soda and vinegar. These can be used to clean and polish your sterling silver ring. These two items can be rubbed on the jewelry to remove the tarnish or any tough spots within no time.

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Note:  Do not soak any of the jewelry sets in water and avoid using ultrasonic or steam cleaners.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned points to make your jewel piece appear brand new even after using it for years.

2) Can Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Get Tarnished?

Yes, indeed it can. Every jewelry metal has certain properties and needs to be taken care of from time to time. Any jewelry made up of sterling silver can get deteriorate. There are certain myths regarding these handmade jewels getting discolored. Many people think that sterling silver is fake if it tarnishes. This is not true in any case. It so happens that a few pieces of this jewelry are comprised of a layer that allows the slow formation of tarnish. This can occur for many reasons.

It is interesting to know that the natural oils in your skin cleanse and polish the sterling silver jewelry when you wear it. The natural oils prevent it from speedy tarnishing. So, next time you wish to protect your jewelry from attaining dullness, make sure you wear it on a regular basis!

3). Are there other ways to prevent tarnishing?

One of the most effective and easy techniques to prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is to keep it in a clean and dry airtight container when not in use.  You can also employ an anti-tarnish strip with the jewelry inside the container. These will absorb tarnish-causing elements.

Try not to leave the jewelry in the bathroom or other wet zones as exposure to high humidity and moisture can significantly speed up the rate of tarnishing. Do not forget to clean the jewelry with a soft dry cloth before storing it.

4) What are the causes of jewelry tarnishing?

You will be thrilled to learn that many things from everyday life can cause jewelry tarnishing. Some of these include your everyday creams, deodorants, bathing soaps, makeup products, hairspray, lotions, cleaning chemicals, the PH of your skin, the humidity in the air, and more. No matter how dark the spot is, the good news is that you can reduce it to a remarkable level and bring it back its spark like before.

5) When to avoid wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Although sterling silver jewelry offers longevity can be worn every day. These handmade jewelry pieces such as triangle bracelets, small stud earrings, and large heart pendants go well with every outfit and can be worn on any occasion. Still, there are many times when your jewelry should rather be given rest than flaunted. These times include some of our casual pursuits such as taking a shower/bath, swimming, cleaning, washing your hand, etc.

Final Words

Well, we have finally reached the end of this blog. We are quite sure that we have resolved many of your queries regarding jewelry tarnishing. So far you have learned, the meaning of tarnishing, how to cope with jewelry tarnishing, causes of tarnishing, and more.

You must not forget that jewelry tarnishing doesn't define its quality. Handmade crystal jewelry isn't produced in bulk and hence it offers quality. These provide exceptional rooms for creativity and redesign. Handmade jewelry pieces are comprehensively designed and technique controlled. The designs keep rolling out constantly in the marketplace, offering consumers a variety to choose from.

Sterling silver handmade jewelry sets offer enough space to showcase imagination and skill set while creating a custom piece. For instance, a handmade moose pendant (picture above), that consists of a Sterling silver design is created especially for nature lovers. It depicts the beautiful mountain scene in the background and the wandering majestic animal from the front.

These jewel pieces are designed for fashion enthusiasts who have a genuine interest in sterling silver components and jewelry based on a theme and won't settle for second best. They will go the extra mile to find trendy accessories such as and have the knowledge of styling. Every jewel piece can tarnish and that doesn't mean that is low quality or unreal. There is a solution for almost everything in the world, and tarnishing is no different. You can check out a stunning handmade jewelry collection at LeightWorks online store.


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