Celebrate your 2021 Halloween with the perfect Crystal Jewelry

Celebrate your 2021 Halloween with the perfect Crystal Jewelry - LeightWorks

It's officially October everyone, one of the most awaited holidays of the year is just around the corner. Halloween is the perfect time to get into the fun and spooky mood that will express your individual style.

Halloween is believed to be the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain where people celebrate it by lighting up bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off wandering spirits. It is also associated with the festival of harvest and remembering the dead. But in modern times, it is much about celebration - people dress up, go trick-or-treating, attend/host fancy costume parties, carve pumpkins, visit haunted houses, and more.

The best thing about Halloween is dressing up as your favorite character or the most deadly demon, you can be whatever you want without judgment at all.

Before you decide on your Halloween costume, crystal jewelry is the way to go. Here’s how you can style your Halloween outfit with stunning handmade crystal jewelry:

Mysterious Crystal Pendants

Wear mysterious creatures, we are talking about our Owl Pendant. Owls are known to represent mystery and knowledge. Our teardrop crystal is front and center in the Owl Pendant and is nicely complemented by the subtle feathers and big, wide eyes. You can pair it with Owl Earrings to complete the set. Or get foxy! With our Fox Pendant specifically, the fox is known for its ability to navigate tricky situations. It symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and adaptability. This pendant has beautiful details in the fox's face and body and looks gorgeous with the matching Fox Earrings.

Colorful Crystal Jewelry Pendants

Add a little bit of blazing touch to your look with something alluring just like our Large Drop Pendant, a beautiful, simple addition to any outfit. It glows in the dark and goes pretty well with any attire. You can also pair it up with crystal small stud earrings to complete the look.

Sterling Silver Chains & Chokers

Sterling silver chains & chokers are very versatile to wear, you can style them as per your ensemble effortlessly. LeightWorks best selling Sterling Silver Choker and Sterling Silver Snake Chain look trendy, you can also add some spooky pendant to match with Halloween vibes. You can always create a whole new look for your pendants with these hand-made sterling silver statement chains and chokers.

Handmade Sterling Silver Rings

No doubt wearing rings will give you a complete look. They are perfect accessories for Halloween, but they’ll look beautiful any time of year. Our Hammered Single Circle Ring and Double Circle Ring are best to stack with spooky bracelets and nail arts. These adjustable sterling silver rings look great on any finger. They can be custom-made as per your size.

Let’s Wrap it Up

Hope the above suggestions help you to style your Halloween ensemble. Whether you decide to play dress up or just spend your time with closed ones, it’s always fun to participate in this fun festival. Crystal jewelry is trendy, affordable, and fun to wear, it is always a good idea to invest in something that has repeat value. It goes well with the festive theme and can also be used all year through. So, this Halloween don’t trick yourself but treat yourself with beautiful crystal jewelry!


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