How To Match Jewelry With Your Outfit

How To Match Jewelry With Your Outfit-LeightWorks


Wearing jewelry isn’t always about just the piece itself, it’s also about complimenting your style while reflecting your personality. You want to look good and feel good too, and the perfect piece of jewelry will help accomplish both. Jewelry can be the heart and soul of your look. Below we’ve shared tips to help you pick out the best pieces to match your style.

How To Match Jewelry With Patterns

If you are planning to wear a dense or busy pattern it may be challenging to pick out the jewelry that shows off the patterns best. Keep your jewelry toned down when your outfit has a lot going on. It’s best not to use showy accessories with busy prints. Loud and ornate jewelry can get lost in a busy print, no matter how great it is. Busy prints and wild jewelry are certainly a look, however it can be too much. Even if you’re not into simple jewelry, it’s always good to have a few pieces in your collection just for this reason.  

Here are some examples of jewelry that would work great with a heavily patterned outfit.

Stud Earrings

If you feel like letting a bold patterned outfit do the talking, keep your jewelry simple with our Small Stud Earrings. Our Stud Earrings are one of our top selling designs. They are elegant, but casual enough to wear every day and match easily with patterns. You can also wear multiple pairs if you have more than one piercing and coordinate with the colors in your outfit. With these earrings on, you are ready to rock your day and enjoy all of the compliments!

Stud Earrings

Drop Pendant

Try out our simple, yet beautiful Drop Pendant. It may just become a favorite piece in your collection and it pairs easily with any outfit, including patterns!

Drop Pendant

Jewelry For Casual Dresses

We all crave a fun carefree time now and again. Most of our best memories are from a relaxing day out with friends or family. For this reason, people want to look stunning in their casual dresses like a night out with friends, dinner, drinks or maybe a simple walk in the park. This is the time where you can be yourself and let your whole personality shine! There are no restrictions or rules on what jewelry you should wear but overly ornate jewelry can be over the top with causal outfits. This is why it’s key to have some pieces in your collection that can work for both casual and dressy.

Check out our crystal earrings. Almost all of our styles can be dressed up or down.

Crystal Earrings

Our Feather Extension earrings are made with our iridescent crystals which glow from within. They feature our contemporary sterling silver feather shape that extends the earring length and makes them fun, flirty, and ready for any occasion.

Matching Jewelry with Necklines

There are several types of necklines, and just like not every neckline works for every person, not every neckline works for every piece of jewelry. Finding jewelry which suits your neckline enhances the overall look of your outfit. Picking jewelry that works with your neckline brings balance to your entire ensemble. Hot Tip: In order to avoid your necklace getting lost in the mix, make sure it is shorter or longer than your neckline.

Jewelry For V-necks

V-necks are very popular and seem to be in style no matter what decade it is. You can mirror the v shape of your dress or you can experiment with a curve. Short V-necks can be complimented with chokers or short chains. As the neck goes deeper you can use medium or longer length pendants and chains. Our Slide Choker is perfect for V-necks!

Jewelry For Turtlenecks

Turtleneck dresses and shirts look best with long necklaces. Make a set by adding some earrings. Try our Stud EarringsDrop Earrings or Nautilus Stud Earrings. It will definitely complete the look.

Jewelry For Crewnecks

When your neckline goes high make sure you adjust the length of your necklaces accordingly. Try to make sure that your necklace sits at least 2 inches below the collar and can go as long as you like with your crewneck dresses and shirts.

Try our Musical Note Pendant. This necklace is great for all of the music lovers out there and would look great with any crewneck style.

Jewelry For Halter Tops and Off The Shoulder Styles

These dresses and shirts look awesome with longer earrings and stylish bracelets. Our Waterfall Extension Earrings will definitely compliment your halter or one shoulder styles. These earrings are available in polished and frosted, and are the perfect length.

Jewelry for Sleeveless Styles

Bracelets are a great choice for when you’re showing off your arms in a sleeveless style. A good rule of thumb for choosing bracelets based on sleeve length is the longer your sleeves are, the less bracelets you should wear and the thinner those bracelets should be, and vice versa.

7 Oval Stones Bracelet

Our beautiful 7 Oval Stone Bracelet is made of 7 gorgeous, individual crystals linked together to form one incredible, show stopping piece. This bracelet is the perfect match for any dress and is a great choice for your next sleeveless look.


Clothing Colors and Jewelry

The color of your outfit impacts your jewelry choices. Pearls pair well with other colors related to the sea such as aqua, deep blue, and greens. Cool colors such as greens, blues, and purples look best with other cool colors and warm colors such as yellow, orange, and reds look best with other warm colors.

For Example:

  • Blue and green outfits: pearlescent jewelry
  • Purple outfits: other jewel tones such as citrine, fire, and green crystal
  • Red outfits: other primary colors like green or blue colored jewelry
  • Black outfits: any color 
  • Neutral outfits: you can use pops of vibrant color to add drama or keep it monochrome with subtle color

We hope the above tips were very helpful to you! Choose jewelry that works with the style of clothing as well as your personality when planning an outfit so you’ll feel comfortable and fashionable. Make each piece your own and have fun with it!

Your personality and our jewelry are an incredible combination. Explore more of our beautiful pieces online at


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