Sterling Silver Pendants: A Beautiful Solution for All Your Fashion Needs

Sterling Silver Pendants

What's so unique about Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a commonly utilized metal in high-quality jewelry and accessories. It is an alloy, a mixture of two or more different types of metals. Sterling silver basically contains 92.5 percent of silver and the remaining 7.5 percent of another metal, mainly copper. Sterling silver jewelry is timeless and sophisticated, from pendants to rings to bracelets. This unique metal offers several advantages, making it an all-time favorite for classic and on-trend jewelry pieces.If you wish to know more about sterling silver jewelry, read our blog, A Complete Guide To Sterling Silver Jewelry.

What makes Pendants a Perfect Accessory?

Pendants offer a golden opportunity to uplift your overall look, talk more about yourself, and even send a meaningful message. Pendants are often tagged as talking pieces of jewelry that speak louder than words. The pendant's image, shape, and even color can have a profound meaning. LeightWorks thus offers sterling silver pendants with significant meanings, like our crystal palm tree pendant, which reminds you of your last beach vacation. Similarly, the hummingbird pendant perfectly depicts your playful and optimistic personality.

There's much to be explored about the outfit-elevating power of a pendant or pendant necklace. A simple sterling silver pendant on a chain can spruce up any look. However, you must know which kind of pendant gives a beautiful look to your neckline and propel your appeal to new heights. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while accessorizing your pendant.

  • Keep It Casual: The simplest style is the one that looks just right; it's a classic approach to everyday fashion that cannot go wrong. Like, LeightWorks wire wrap pendant is a classic and casual jewelry piece that can go perfectly well with your all-time favorite T-shirt and denim.
  • Keep It Minimalistic: At times, it's a good idea to go only with a pendant and avoid other jewelry pieces to keep it minimal. These days minimalistic designs are gaining a lot of attention; keeping it simple yet stylish is the new trend. Minimalistic pendants are modern and remarkable; it's hard not to fall in love with these delicate pieces. Our dainty anchor pendant design is futuristic, modern, and stylish to join the ongoing fashion trend.
  • Find A Focal Point: One of the essential steps in dressing is finding a focal point. Ask yourself the first thing you want people to notice in your ensemble. If you wish to draw that extra attention to your neckpiece, try experimenting with our double drop pendant and sterling silver crystal sun pendant for that extra glam.
  • Dress It Up: Speaking of having a style, make sure you carry your unique sense of fashion to every event you attend. Whatever the occasion, always remembers to put on your pendant necklace. Choose a pendant in the shape of something that represents you and your passion, like a musical note, sterling silver mountain pendant, and swell pendant, and put yourself out there. These pendants will pull an outfit together and ensure you are well prepared for your special event.
  • Don't Overdo with Layering: Pendants are simple neckpieces that are the center of attention when it comes to accessories. Layering too many neckpieces can be disastrous, be cautious if you consider wearing a bold necklace with other pendants. When buying different pendants, keep some of your favorite outfits in mind with which you can pair up your pendant. You must know that layering looks good when the layered pendants are minimalist in style.

There are many ways to rock your sterling silver pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings. When you decide to style your outfit with accessories, it's a way of expressing yourself. So, styling your pendant should be fun and personal, don't forget to add a personal touch. It's all about who you are and must resonate in your pendant. LeightWorks offers a wide range of sterling silver pendants that can accentuate your neckline and radiate glam. You can choose your favorite pendant and mix-match it with our other handmade crystal jewelry pieces.  


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