Jewelry Styling Tips to Ace Your Workplace Look

Jewelry Styling Tips to Ace Your Workplace Look

Every woman loves accessorizing and desires to dress up in the most glamorous and elegant way. However, when it comes to the workplace, dressing becomes a difficult task, and you need to be mindful of how you wear your jewelry. Upholding the workplace's decorum is vital, but it doesn't necessarily mean losing your style. Instead, it's all about making a good impression at work. Choosing subtle, dainty, and elegant jewelry pieces is the best way to play it safe. LeightWorks thus offers an exclusive range of handmade sterling silver designs like bangle bracelet, single wrap earrings, and small heart pendant, which can be the perfect choice for your workplace ensemble. This article lists tips and tricks to help you choose the right jewelry for your workplace look.

  • Keep it Quiet and Avoid Dangling Jewelry

When choosing an earring, bracelets, and necklace for work, select pieces that aren't too large or don't make too much noise, having your office jewelry rattling around and distracting your co-workers is not a good idea.

Another thing to avoid is bulky multi-charm neckpieces that hit you around the neck every time you move. Instead, opt for a lightweight, dainty jewelry style if you want to wear one, LeightWorks small wave pendant and oval w. loop pendant is great for accessorizing your professional look.

  • Avoid oversized statement rings

Skip the oversized rings that draw too much attention and take away from how you carry yourself as a whole. Yet another tip is to try keeping your rings in the same color family as your outfit; thus, your rings will look intentional and purposeful rather than just an afterthought. You can also wear classic pieces like asmall double ring and dragonfly ring; these are sleek, classic, and modern and will complement any outfit you wear to work. It is ideal for adding a little personality to your look without overdoing it.

  • Accessorize, but don't overwhelm

Overly flashy jewelry doesn't look professional; save the dazzling pieces for special occasions. The purpose of jewelry at work is to show that you care about your appearance. Thus, opt for a simple piece like a wave ring and pair it with our triangle stud earrings which give you a classy and elegant feel.

  • Choose Quality over Quantity

When wearing jewelry for the office, it is essential to pay attention to quality over quantity. Therefore, settling on one or two high-quality jewelry pieces is better than buying cheap costume jewelry. You can experience quality with LeightWorks handmade jewelry pieces, which will help you reflect on your professional image with sophistication. 

When choosing earrings for work, go with sleek and simple, high-quality earrings such as stud earrings or crystal small stud earrings. Simple earrings look professional and understated but still manage to make a statement.

  • Keep Bright colors to a Minimum.

Bright-colored necklaces, earrings, or bracelets will draw too much attention. Instead of very bright colors, wear jewelry with a light pastel tone. You can even try wearing clear pieces instead of colored ones. If you want to wear colorful jewelry to work, choose two different pieces and leave the rest of your workwear neutral.

  • Maintain Your Jewelry

Your appearance speaks volumes about how much you care about yourself. Sparkling jewelry that is clean with a high-polish finish sends the right message to your co-workers. Jewelry maintenance is an essential part of your styling. Wearing dirty and scratched jewelry is like admitting that you don't care about your appearance, which is unprofessional. Make sure that your office jewelry is in the best shape, and if you need some help, you can read our blog How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry At Home?

  • When in Doubt, Leave it Out

If you are unsure that a particular piece of jewelry is appropriate for the workplace, leave it at home. You won't enjoy constantly wondering if your outfit is too flashy or your accessories are too loud. It's better to play safe with simple pieces, as the key rule for office-appropriate jewelry is to keep it simple and understated.

Office-appropriate jewelry aims to express yourself subtly without standing out too much. However, you will never appreciate how challenging this can be if you have to pick the right piece for your office suit every morning. To curb the hustle, you have to make it easier; thus, building a good jewelry collection is necessary.

Therefore, to complement your formal dress, keep your office wear jewelry simple and never go for the bold bling that can ruin your look. To get started, explore LeightWorks' range of jewelry pieces that assures guaranteed compliments with our timeless jewelry pieces.


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