A Complete Guide To Sterling Silver Jewelry

A Complete Guide To Sterling Silver Jewelry - LeightWorks
“Jewelry is like an Icecream, there is always room for more.”

At least once in our lives, we all have heard and used the phrase “silver spoon” but if you take a deeper look into this phrase, you will understand the value of silver and why it is associated with wealth. But most people aren’t aware of what makes this metal so special.

We’ve compiled this complete guide to sterling silver jewelry to answer all the questions like why to choose sterling silver jewelry, is sterling silver good for everyday wear, why is sterling silver perfect for jewelry, and so on. Keep reading to learn in detail about sterling silver and the advantages of adding sterling silver jewelry pieces to your jewelry collection.


What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver. It contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Pure silver is very soft so silver is alloyed with copper to increase its strength and hardness. While copper is the most common metal, zinc and nickel are also often used in making sterling silver. The mix between pure silver and metal alloy is also one of the reasons for the luxurious feel of sterling silver jewelry.

The Sterling Silver is coated with pure silver and this thin layer improves the look of the sterling silver jewelry pieces by making them shinier. The truth is that sterling silver can be used in all types of jewelry for that classy and trendy look.

Is Sterling Silver Good For Everyday Wear?

Well, the answer is YES. Sterling Silver is one of the best metals for everyday wear. If you are searching for a statement jewelry piece or everyday wear that can suit your style then sterling silver jewelry is the perfect match for you. The trendy designs, durability, malleability, and beauty of sterling jewelry give a confident look and makes you attractive.

Here are some reasons that will clear your doubts over sterling silver:

  1. Wearing sterling silver jewelry bears its own trademark look and boosts confidence. You can wear sterling silver jewelry daily without worrying about matching it with the outfit.
  2. Sterling Silver Jewelry pieces are reasonably priced.
  3. Sterling silver jewelry is easy to maintain and clean. Also, it looks as good as new if well-maintained regularly.

Sterling silver jewelry is not prone to scratches or dents, yet it gets tarnished after some days. But no worries as you can clean tarnished jewelry easily at home.

Note: Whenever you are planning to buy sterling silver jewelry as a gift for your loved ones or yourself, be sure to purchase a jewelry microfiber cloth for cleaning it. You can clean tarnished jewelry using the cleaning cloth with a simple solution and give it a new look.

You only need to avoid three things when you’re NOT wearing your sterling silver jewelryeveryday.

  1. Moisture
  2. Household cleaners or chemicals
  3. Water

We suggest you store your items in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture while you’re not wearing to avoid the possibility of tarnishing. 

Why is Sterling Silver Perfect Metal For Jewelry?

Ever wondered what makes sterling silver one of the best metals for jewelry? Well, we are here with some of the features of sterling silver that make it the perfect material for jewelry designers.

  1. Customizable: Sterling silver is a metal that can be customized and is affordable, which basically means that it gives jewelry designers and jewelers the freedom to create unique designs. Jewelers and designers can experiment with creating new styles and stay in the latest trends. Whether you are searching for trending jewelry pieces, everyday jewelry pieces, or a grand statement jewelry piece, we assure you that you’ll find something in sterling silver that suits your style perfectly.
    Sterling silver is customizable
    Scallop Earrings, Sea Turtle Pendant, Turtle Rings, and many more sterling silver options are available. And because sterling silver is easy to work with, many jewelers design customized pieces to fit your exact specifications and style. Also, you can get a piece of jewelry made of sterling silver without breaking your budget.
  1. Durable: The metal alloyed with pure silver make the sterling silver durable material even stronger than Gold. What you are purchasing today will look the same after 50 years from now! To make sure that you buy the bestquality sterling silver jewelry pieces, shop with a reputable jeweler. When you are looking for a sterling silver jewelry piece, make sure you lookout for the 92.5 markings that are printed on the jewelry made of sterling silver.

    Sterling Silver is Durable
  1. Light-Weight: Sterling silver jewelry is lightweight which makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that can be worn everyday or more often. If you are looking for light-weighted yet beautiful jewelry for your wedding day, then sterling silver jewelry would be the perfect option for you. Have a look at Crystal Jewelry Styling Tips To Dress Fabulously For A Wedding.

    Sterling silver jewelry is lightweight

Reasons To Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry For Everyday Wear:

Nowadays Sterling silver is an attractive option for designers and jewelers due to its beauty, versatility, malleability, and durability. Below are some reasons why you should choose sterling silver jewelry for everyday wear:

  1. Hypoallergic: If you are someone who is allergic to metals then Sterling Silver is perfect for you as it’s much less likely to cause any skin allergies. Sterling silver is made of 92.5% of pure silver which is free from any type of irritation or infection and you can wear it everyday without worrying about allergic skin reactions.

    Sterling Silver jewelry is hypoallergic

  2. Easy to Maintain: Another reason to choose sterling silver jewelry for everyday is that it is easy to maintain. Even though it tarnishes, you can clean tarnished sterling silver jewelry using the cleaning cloth with a simple solution to restore its original shine.

  3. Versatility: Another reason to choose sterling silver jewelry is the versatility of the metal. Like gray is considered a neutral color, silver is considered a neutral metal. Whether you are going to a gala, business meeting, or a casual dinner at your favorite restaurant, the sterling silver jewelry collection has something for every occasion. It goes with all types of outfits so you need not worry about choosing the jewelry every time you are going out. Silver adds a classy touch to any look which is why it is a must-have for any jewelry collection.

    A simple pair of sterling silver crystal studs can be worn to a business meeting or a weekend brunch easily and effectively. The bold or personalized pieces can be worn as a wedding ring or accessories.

  4. Trendy & Classy: One of the biggest challenges that women who love jewelry face are whether the jewelry piece will stay on trend or not. So, if you are someone who loves to keep up with trends and you don’t want to wear any outdatedjewelry, then sterling silver jewelry is the best pick for you. The jewelry designs will change but you will always find sterling silver rings, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver chains, and many more on the runways and featured in the trending jewelry pieces. Also, sterling silver jewelry gives a classy look to any outfit that will make you stand out.

    Sterling silver is classy
  1. Variety: You can have an interesting, attractive, and varied jewelry collection as sterling silver jewelry has a wide range of pieces available in the market. All thanks to the relative softness of sterling silver, jewelers and designers get to create unique designs by molding sterling silver jewelry and you will always find new pieces to add to your jewelry collection.
  1. Affordable: In comparison to gold and platinum, sterling silver is a more affordable metal. Gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry pieces may be more affordable options, but they will not last as compared to sterling silver. The affordability of sterling silver allows you to routinely update your collection and invest in new statement pieces.


Thus, sterling silver jewelry is the must-have jewelry to buy if you are planning to wear them every day. You can always count on sterling silver jewelry to match your outfit and any style because it is a versatile and gorgeous metal. Buy sterling silver jewelry from the authentic jewelers and designers only as you wouldn’t want to invest in a fake one. To ensure that you are buying from the authentic jewelers, must-read customer reviews of the jewelry pieces they are offering. I hope this guide has answered all your questions related to sterling silver and why to choose sterling silver jewelry for everyday wear.

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