How to Style Your Jewelry for a Perfect Summer Look

How to Style Your Jewelry for a Perfect Summer Look

Summer is an ideal season to experiment with new and classic jewelry trends. With its warm sunny days and colorful bright fashion, summer offers opportunities to let your style, accessories, and personality shine.

Embrace summer with fun jewelry staple earrings to simple rings and pendants . You can surely add a pop of color with a bracelet or a touch of sea with nautilus earrings and or a nautilus pendant. Feel free and adventurous to pick the most exquisite and stylish jewelry to accompany your individuality. It is the perfect time to hit the LeightWorks store for unique jewelry pieces like rings, triangle bracelets, pendants, and sun earrings.

Here are some great styling ideas for jewelry pieces that encompass everything summer. So, make your summer stylish with these hot summer fashion tips.

  • Play with bright colors: blue water, bright sun, and beaches; summer is the season to show off your most fun colors and hues. Bright, cheerful colors are everywhere in the summer, from blooming flowers to green grass to blue skies. With bright colors, you should use jewelry with vibrant hues like a fire colored Raima ring paired with a circle w loop pendant for that perfect summery vibe. The dynamic color pop goes exceptionally well against a neutral backdrop like a crisp white blouse or a classic black dress.
  • Choose Dainty Designs: Simple, clean, elegant jewelry designs are the perfect accessory for hot summers. Delicate necklaces and bracelets help set off an outfit and look exceptionally stylish. You can beat the heat by pulling your hair up and throwing a pretty pair of delicate hoops or simple pair of crystal small stud earrings. This petite style is a timeless way to add a hint of sparkle to your everyday look.
  • Be Bold with Drop Earrings: Drop earrings are a fantastic piece of jewelry if appropriately utilized. With sun rays illuminating your skin, drop earrings are ideal for drawing attention to your face in the most elegant way. In addition, drop earrings add that luxurious feel, thus enhancing your beauty and making that bold statement. If you want to embrace luxury, opt for a classic dress and combine it with double drop earrings to unveil your unique fashion finesse.
  • Explore Beachy Motifs: The sea and summer go hand in hand, so there is no better time than summer to break into ocean theme jewelry. Summer welcomes fun designs like sea turtle earrings, sting ray oval rings, or scallop pendants.LeightWorks also offers a wide range of nature-inspired jewelry; you can definitely check out our other blog 5 styling tips for nature-inspired jewelry to draw some more inspiration.
  • Experiment with Bracelet Combinations: Bracelets are another fun and easy jewelry trend. Just play mix and match with your favorite bracelets, and you are good to go. Choose a larger bracelet, like our 7 Stone Oval Bracelet,for a dinner date, party, or an extravagant event. You can customize this trend in endless ways.

Summer is all about sunshine, fruity drinks, and tan lines. So while making fun memories, choose fun jewelry that goes well with the beauty of summer. Always put on jewelry pieces that accompany your current mood; you can pick out some elegant and intricate jewelry pieces at Creating the most fitting jewelry style for summer can be tricky, but some of the above jewelry tips will keep you in pace with fashion.


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