6 Jewelry Styling Tips for Every Season

6 Jewelry Styling Tips for Every Season - LeightWorks

Styling your jewelry can sometimes be intimidating and is not as easy as you may think. Finding and picking out a perfect piece of jewelry, like some earrings, a pendant and/or a bracelet to compliment your outfit can be daunting.

The best part about accessorizing is that it can enhance your overall look. Whether your adding some simple style to a tee shirt and denim jeans,a statement piece to a formal outfit, some dangle crystal drop earrings to a summery beach side look, or adding the perfect crystal pendant, earrings and/or bracelet can instantly change your vibe, make you look more stylish, and make you feel good.

LeightWorks jewelry can complement to your clothing and look and bring you lots of compliments. If done correctly, the goal is to add to your look without overwhelming it.  Jewelry styling and choosing the perfect jewelry to compliment your outfit to bring out your style is an art in itself . It's all about discovering the right balance between looking effortless yet making a statement. Keep reading our top styling tips to explore more.

  • Choose Basic Layering

Starting with the basics while experimenting with different layers, colors and textures is a fun way to draw attention to your outfit. At times a single piece of jewelry is not enough; in that case, you can experiment with layers of different lengths, shapes, and colors of necklace, earrings, and bangles. Pairing your sterling silver choker with an extra-long sterling silver snake chain coupled with a pendant is a good look for any formal event. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can combine our drop earrings with our stud earrings.

  • Create An Elegant Look

You don't necessarily want to distract from your clothing, especially when you are going for a more sophisticated look. You can consider refining  your look with a simple, elegant small drop pendant with perfect triangle stud earrings. It goes beautifully with a high-necked dress without taking away from it.

  • Adding Statement Piece

A statement piece is a crucial component that highlights your look. It's a way to add personality and goes perfectly well with your special occasion or casual look. When choosing a statement piece, make sure it reflects your personality and that you are comfortable carrying it.

  • Skip The Necklace

Skipping the necklace as a jewelry piece is sometimes a brilliant idea. As not wearing a necklace can help attract attention to your outfit. Thus, you can choose a pair of simple yet bold spiral earrings with your high-cut shirts and let them steal the show.

  • Let Your Jewelry Speak For Your Outfit

At times it's best to let your jewelry be the show stopper. Pick one area to focus on, stack jewelry, and let the bold and beautiful statement come out. It could be choosing several rings, playing with textures, or focusing on your earrings.

  • Invest In A Versatile Piece Of Jewelry

You need not exclusively own jewelry that you only wear at significant events; instead, invest in versatile pieces. It can be a ring, bracelet, or a great pair of earrings that can go with multiple outfits and occasions.

It's a great idea to keep your jewelry collection seasonally appropriate and follow specific style tips. At the same time, certain jewelry styles are never out of season and can be a versatile option for various looks. The best thing to do is to shop our timeless options either online at Leightworks.com or at one of our many retail locations. There you can see multiple choices and start or continue a collection of items that reflect your personality and will last a lifetime.


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