5 Styling Tips for Nature-Inspired Jewelry

5 Styling Tips for Nature-Inspired Jewelry

The fashion world takes inspiration from everything surrounding us, like art, music, the seasons, and nature. Lately, there has been a focus on drawing inspiration from animals and nature in the world of fashion.

Nature-inspired jewelry is currently a booming trend. Jewelry designers, like David Leight, are amazed by nature's elegance and beauty, which inspires him to create a reflection of nature's simplicity in his pieces of jewelry. Nature-inspired jewelry includes various styles, from contemporary and abstract to elegant and vintage.

Jewelry nature inspired always has a grounding effect. It’s charming, thoughtful, and feminine and goes well with any outfit and fashion style. It is a straightforward way to express and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The easiest way to introduce a trend and add it to your wardrobe is by starting with small accessories. Encourage yourself to test out jewelry nature inspired as it's timeless and can go well over your current wardrobe without adding much bling.

Here are some of the style tips for all nature lovers:

Floral Style

The floral motifs suit the outgoing girl style who is not afraid to make a bold statement. Try pieces like the new flower ring and sterling silver plumeria pendant; they are a great conversation starter. The floral details go well with a solid maxi dress, while you can also make a solid tee pop with a bold pendant and harem pants.

Sterling Silver Plumeria Pendant

Bird Style

The graceful owl and hummingbird pendant give you the charm and confidence of a bird. So you can fly high every time you wear it, and it leaves everyone in awe of you. Bird pendants are all-time favorites and go down well with formal and informal looks. So don't think twice and adore the new style in your way.

Hummingbird Pendant

Celestial Style

If you have a celestial piece you love, like a sterling silver crystal sun pendant, layer it with another meaningful element to tell a unique story. However, a crescent pendant can stand out on its own as the meaning behind the crescent moon pendant is impressive and inspiring. Such celestial jewelry pieces empower your jewelry to speak for itself and are excellent for all evening gown trends.

Sterling Silver Crystal Sun Pendant

Beach Style

Going to the beach always means a swimsuit, a simple beach coverup with a beach bag and a pair of sandals. However, this super minimalistic beach look is incomplete without an accessory. LeightWorks coastal package includes some of the most elegant designs like a whale's tail pendant, Seahorse pendant, mermaid pendant, and wave earrings, perfect for all beach looks.

Whale's Tail Pendant

Musical Style

Music is a form of expression for people; it brings hope and love. Most of us share a passion for music, which binds us together. A personalized musical note pendant or sterling silver spiral pendant is an excellent gift idea for any music lover. It needs no styling as it's an emotion in itself.

Musical Note Pendant

Now you have the opportunity to capture the world's most mysterious and magnificent natural wonders in the palm of your hand. Thanks to wonderful nature-loving artisans, you can browse our range of jewelry nature inspired pieces at LeightWorks.


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