Types of Crystal Pendants to Wear in 2021

Types of Crystal Pendants to Wear in 2021-LeightWorks

Crystals have the unique quality of appealing to everyone, but for very different reasons. The colors of various crystals are mesmerizing. The belief that crystals are silent protectors and spiritual healers gives them an aura of magic. The clear and transparent crystals have a glistening dreamlike effect while opaque crystals provide a classic sophistication. Choose one, or wear them all!

Uncut Crystal Pendant: 

Our uncut crystal pendant necklace looks raw and unique. It is unpolished and adds glamour and intrigue to any outfit.

Sterling Silver Crystal Pendant:

Add a glow to your outfit with the sterling silver and crystal pendant. This trend is classic. Adding crystal pendants to your chains and chokers adds a pop of color against your skin and a natural glam to any outfit. Whether you opt for a simple sophisticated look or healing energy, a crystal pendant always makes a lovely gift. 

Sterling Silver Crystal Pendant

Sterling Silver Chain with Ocean-Inspired Crystal Pendant: 

You can show your love for the ocean by wearing an ocean-inspired crystal pendant. You can make your jewelry highly personal by your choice of sparkling pendant. Elevate your appearance with the Hawaiian Green turtle crystal pendant from Leightworks. The turtle’s arms and legs are moveable, and its crystal shell shines with an iridescent glow. 

Sterling Silver Chain with Ocean-Inspired Crystal Pendant

Gold Plated Crystals:

Gold plating on crystal not only gives it an extra glam aesthetic but also versatility. For example, try adding a gold plated crystal necklace to your plain t-shirt and jeans – or dress up a more fancy look with smaller, gold plated crystal earrings to add just the right amount of shine. We have plenty to choose from, so take your time and choose the pieces that are right for you!

Sterling Silver Chain with Nature-Inspired Crystal Pendant:

Are you a nature lover? Then these nature-inspired crystal pendants should be first on your wishlist. Your choice of jewelry reflects your personality and interests. Among others, we have a stunning sterling silver dragonfly pendant exclusively designed for nature lovers. This Leightworks handmade crystal  necklace is a great statement piece, with glowing crystal surrounded by intricate silver details in the dragonfly wings and body. It not only shows your love for nature but also brings good luck.

 Sterling Silver Chain with Nature-Inspired Crystal Pendant

Crystal pendants and jewelry are a great way to express your style. Wearing crystal jewelry is a great way to add glam and significance to your wardrobe. We hope this article helps you to choose your favorite crystal pendants to wear this year, consider trying a few of the trends listed and see how these items will change up what you already own!


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