Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Jewelry Inspired by Nature-LeightWorks

Humans are drawn to the mystery and beauty of the natural world. We love to explore wild and majestic places. For many people, and especially for artists, the incredible shapes, colors, and creatures that occur only in nature are a source of unparalleled inspiration.

Natural elements like water and earth, beloved animals, even the sun and moon have inspired designs created by LeightWorks.

Below is a list of the Best Sellers in our Nature collection. Take a look at these handmade crystal jewelry designs.

Wave Pendant & Earrings

The ocean is life itself. It has healing powers, is a food source, and brings joy and excitement to many people who enjoy water sports and relaxing on the beach. 

This Wave Pendant is inspired by years of surfing off the San Diego coast in Ocean Beach. The crystal represents the “O” and the silver represents the “B”. It also resembles a barrel wave. Our Wave Pendant and Wave Earrings are the perfect set for all ocean lovers out there.

Mountain Pendant

This magnificent pendant draws inspiration from nature's immense beauty. Mountains are a symbol of strength and power as is this pendant. Just as the mountains appear calm despite all kinds of climatic issues, this pendant will remind you of your own power, and ability to stand in strength and grace. This mountain pendant features the mountains under the moon or sun. It is good for everyday wear and provides the perfect look for any outfit.

Owl Pendant

One of the most fascinating and intriguing birds is the humble owl. The owl is believed to be the symbol of higher wisdom. Artists have long tried to imitate owls in their art and over the years owl jewelry has become very popular. This owl pendant is very attractive as it features our teardrop crystal in front and is nicely complemented by the owl’s subtle feathers and wide eyes.

Sun Earrings

The sun is known to be one of the essential sources of life on earth. It signifies power and vitality. The crystals in our Sun Earrings give off a warm glow which remind us of the shining sun outside. These sun earrings feature our sterling silver, hand-crafted sun motif and add flair to your everyday look.

Dragonfly Pendant & Earrings

If a dragonfly lands on you, it's good luck! Add some fun to your outfit as you head out for any occasion with the beautifully designed silver-plated Dragonfly Pendant.

This handmade necklace is a great statement piece with glowing crystal surrounded by intricate silver details in the wings and body of the dragonfly. Wear it on a chain or try it with one of our Silver Swirl Chokers or Slide Chokers for an even bolder look. You can also pair it with the dragonfly earrings for a perfect set!


Fox Pendant & Earrings

Get foxy! We love the way this little fox is perched on top of our circular crystal with its bushy tail curved along the side. This pendant has beautiful details in the fox’s face and body and looks gorgeous with the matching Fox Earrings!

Hummingbird Pendant

Add some color and beauty to your life with this simple, yet elegant handcrafted hummingbird. The hummingbird reminds us to enjoy the sweetness of life and keep a playful, optimistic outlook. This pendant will bring joy to your day.

With so many options to choose from, we have a piece for every nature lover. LeightWorks nature-inspired handmade crystal jewelry is handcrafted in San Diego. We know you’ll love it and we guarantee compliments! Check out our designs on our website:


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