Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!-LeightWorks

Can you believe summer is already over? We can't! 

Leightworks is heading into the fall selling season excited to connect with all of our amazing customers on our blog! We're gearing up for the upcoming holidays and will be sharing more about sales, specials, holiday fun, things that excite us, motivate us, and make us smile. We are so appreciative of all of you and want to keep you in the loop and share more about what LeightWorks is all about. 

Speaking of keeping you in the loop, we have some fun updates and announcements to get you up to speed.

Farmers Market News: 

After many great years selling at the Ocean Beach farmers market, we've decided to close up shop. Big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth over the years and to all of our friendly vendor neighbors- we'll miss you!

Sometimes when you shut one door, you open another. We're now at the Oceanside farmers markets! Oceanside has a great farmers day and night market on Thursdays. If you didn't know, we're at 3 farmers markets during the week. Oceanside is one, but we're also downtown at the Artisian Market Sunday and in Old Town Sunday as well. Stop by our booths and say hi!

New Pendants: Hummingbird & Anchor

You voted, we made it! Thank you to all who participated and helped us design our new Hummingbird Pendant. We had many variations to choose from, and the upright design with the stone on the body won. We think it looks great, and hope you do too! 

The anchor is a classic symbol and perfect addition to our nautical series. For all you ocean lovers, sailors, and even traditional tattoo lovers- this pendant's for you!

That's a wrap for our update but make sure you've signed up for our newsletter on the website to get all the updates directly to your inbox! We can't wait to share with you more and are excited to be more connected with our customers. Leave us some comments below and say hi! What are you most excited about for fall? Is anyone coming to say hi at the farmers market? Let us know! 


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