Happy New Year! 2023 is Here!

Teeny Tiny Pendant with Crystal Small Stud Earrings

We hope you enjoyed your holidays and LeightWorks Wearable Fine Art was a huge success as a gift for your loved ones.  We love to hear the stories behind the pieces and how much you love them. 

We have many new items on the horizon and great news to share with you.

Already this year LeightWorks has been traveling to shows across the country.  We spent a week at the Surf Expo in Orlando, then a week at the Atlanta Mart.  

Our new Sterling Silver Teeny Tiny Pendants have been a huge success, especially with our LeightWorks wholesale accounts. The Teeny Tiny line has our classic Leight Works look but as a miniature stackable option.  They also pair perfect with our small crystal stud earrings.  

We suggest layering them with an X-Small Drop Pendant for a trendy look. They are available now, just click this link: https://leightworks.com/products/dainty-teeny-tiny-pendant

We also added a the Snowflake Pendants and Snowflake Earrings.  Although the holidays have past these are perfect to wear during the cold winter months. 


Now in our 19th year, Our founder, David, has been looking back at how this all started:

It’s been a long time since I got my formal training from glass sculpture artist Chihuly at the Pilchuck glass school.  I still remember Dale Chihuly’s advice of creating a unique line, beautiful, colorful product but also making the pieces available to the masses. Dale strives to make his work replicable, consistently producing a quality product and so do I.  That is what he does with the Chihuly Sculptures, and I also constantly strive to make the best quality crystal pieces and bring happiness to all who wear them.   


LeightWorks products are made with only the best quality sterling silver. Some of the most frequently asked questions about sterling silver jewelry are below.

Many people ask “how can you tell the silver is real? “

I tell them the best way to make sure it is real is to first look for the .925 stamp on the back of the items. This will ensure the items are made with .925 silver

It will normally be imprinted on the back, however sometimes it is small, so be sure to look really closely. 

Another way to determine if it’s Sterling Silver jewelry is to see if it sticks to the magnet.  If the products stick to the magnet in any way then they are not made with sterling silver.  

Sometimes people ask what does 925 mean on silver? A .925 stamp on jewelry means that it is made with Sterling Silver.  Sterling shines bright and lasts forever.

Will sterling silver tarnish? 

The short answer is yes, but not when you wear It frequently it is less likely. With just a little care, it will shine bright again. That is what is so great about it.  Weather it’s our LeightWorks Earrings, LeightWorks Pendants or LeightWorks rings, they last forever and clean easily.

LeightWorks is not cheap crystal jewelry, it is quality built to last using only sterling silver combined with crystal pieces. This combination makes it waterproof, durable and easy to clean.  People love crystal bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings and never want to take them off because of the high silver grades.   

 And you don’t have to!  Leave them on every day and wear them on your next adventure. 


Just like Dale Chihuly artwork, Swarovski jewelry, Austrian crystal earrings, LeightWorks wholesale and LeightWorks Wearable fine Art offers a unique product for all to love and enjoy for a lifetime. 


We hope you have a wonderful year and check out our latest designs! 





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