Elevate Your Style Statement with Black Friday Extravaganza

Black Friday Jewelry Sale

It's the most fun family and festive time of the year with the beginning of the holiday season. Of course, you trick or treated on Halloween and now its time to indulge in turkey with all the fixings on Thanksgiving. But when its all done and we are full to the brim, who doesn't love an amazing jewelry shopping spree at huge discount? The much-awaited Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are around the corner and these two days come with exciting offer and most savings of the year.

It's a great opportunity to get your favorite products at the best price year and kick off the holiday gift buying shopping season. For fashionistas, it's the most wonderful time of the year, and LeightWorks assures to make it even more special. Whether you wish to update your collection with our latest handmade crystal jewelry pieces or to get the perfect gift, keep track of LeightWorks' upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

It is the season to restock your favorite jewelry collection; here are our few recommendations you can surely consider.

  • Grab the everyday Earrings: Earrings are one of the easiest ways to add that extra personality to your wardrobe; they can elevate a basic outfit and adds visual appeal. You can grab the eyeballs with a pair of sleek spiral and double-drop earrings and give that bold look to your overall ensemble.
    double drop earrings
  • Hand-pick Colorful and adjustable Rings: Nothing sets a glamourous tone like a eye-catching ring. A fresh way to style our sterling silver rings, like double circle ring and Raima ring, is by placing them on the middle finger and adding a simple classic ring on surrounding fingers to give your hand a level up look.
    Raima Ring
  • Subtle and Elegant Pendants: If big and bold isn't your style, you must explore delicate sterling silver pendants, which are the latest fashion trend. The subtly elegant wire wrap pendant and sea turtle SW pendant best complements your slip dress and evening gown look. These pendants don't compete for the spotlight yet add simple splash of color. LeightWorks exclusive whale’s tail pendant is easy to throw on with just about anything in your closet, thus elevating your classy look and making it seem effortless.
    Whale's Tail pendant
  • Choose the trendy Choker: The choker style has been circling its way back over the past years; from flirty to powerful, dramatic to minimalistic, the choker is enough to add that spark to your any-day party look. LeightWorks sterling silver swirl choker can be worn playfully with a casual look while can also be the centerpiece of your evening attire.
    Wire wrap pendant

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is among the biggest sale of the year; the prices are slashed to the lowest and too good to be true. So scroll through LeightWorks elaborate range of the latest designs and keep filling your cart so you don't miss out on a holiday miracle like this. Our range includes minimalistic designs to intricate jewelry pieces, so grab the offer and look beautiful as always.



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