5 Jewelry Tips For Older Woman - by LeightWork's Founder, David Leight

5 Jewelry Tips For Older Woman - by LeightWork's Founder, David Leight-LeightWorks

How to Use Jewelry to Bring Out Your Natural Beauty at 50, 60, 70 and Beyond

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    Ladies of a certain age have had amazing life experiences that younger people can only dream of.

    But, we all reach a certain point when we can no longer just throw on a piece of jewelry and call it a day. 

    Women shouldn’t have to be cornered into thinking they need big, gaudy, expensive name brand jewelry just to make a statement.

    Instead, your jewelry should compliment the great qualities that are already working for you and draw people’s attention to them regardless of the brand. 

    Jewelry has the ability to highlight your personality and best features, but can have the exact opposite effect if left as an afterthought.

    When thinking about what jewelry to wear, you should be able to pare down to a few choice pieces that allow you to look stunning for any occasion.

    Remember, using jewelry to compliment your looks and style while keeping your jewelry elegant, colorful, yet simplified, is the idea.

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    Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect piece.

     1. Use colors that compliment your hair and skin undertones

    • Finding the right balance of colors for your skin tone allows you to have a unified look that won’t clash. Generally speaking, for cooler skin tones, think blues, purples, aqua and greens. For warmer tones, focus on earthy tones such as oranges, yellows, etc. Also hair color can be a big factor. We find the greens go best with brunettes and blue looks great on blondes.  

      2. Simplify rather than “complexify”

        • Avoid the visual jewelry overload. When people see you, try wearing a couple choice pieces instead of making too bold of a statement with large or over complicated pieces. This may result in putting people off. Btw - great taste while keeping a clean and simple look, will convey elegance.  

        3. Consider pendant necklaces

          • Wearing pedants, with a longer chain, can give an elongated appearance and actually make you look taller compared to the look of wearing something too close to your neck. 

          4. Drops vs Stud Earrings

            • The decision between whether to wear drop earrings or studs is actually pretty easy. Drop earrings for older ladies generally go better for women that have longer hair or don't mind attention around your neck. Studs fit nicely for women with shorter hair or if you’re wearing your hair up. But these are not hard and fast rules. Try out both and go with your gut, we've seen both work great across the board.

            5.  Mix and match

              • Try out different color and jewelry combinations to find the right one for your looks and personality. You'll probably find great results with a little experimentation, and you’ll be able to figure out what style, colors, and combination work best for you.  

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              Also, when people see you wearing them, the compliments will flow. In fact, we now "guarantee" compliments or your money back! (we really do btw!)

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               - David Leight, Founder and Creator of Leightworks


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