Your Personal Fall Style Guide

Your Personal Fall Style Guide

Fall is the best time to embrace the cozy winds and let your style shine. This weather provides the best time to play around with layers, different undertones, jewelry, and accessories. Selecting and matching other coats, blazers, sweaters, and boots is the primary reason why so many of us love this season so much.

One of our favorite ways to elevate your fall style is to play around with handmade crystal jewelry. Let’s see how you can pair raw silver jewelry with delicate rose quartz and an amethyst crystal pendant to achieve that effortless look. 


1. Embrace Earthy Tones:

Autumn is known for its earthy colors, such as dark greens, toasty browns, and deep burgundies. These hues can give you a pleasant, natural look when you incorporate them into your wardrobe. Consider wearing raw silver jewelry to match these tones. Its rugged charm gives your ensemble a rustic touch that is ideal for the cozy feel of autumn.

To finish the look, consider adding some raw silver bracelets or earrings. A forest green sweater and brown leggings look stylishly casual when accessorized with rocky crystal earrings in raw silver.


2. Incorporate Some Rose Quartz Elegance:

A rose quartz necklace is a beautiful option for anyone looking to add a soft, romantic touch to their fall wardrobe. Rose quartz's delicate pink harmonizes with fall’s warmth and brings femininity and the beauty of the natural world to us.

To create a layered effect, try wearing a delicate rose quartz necklace with a longer pendant necklace in warm earth tones. Add some rings, and you are ready to start your day!


3. Taking Inspiration from Amethyst:

The mystique and sophistication of amethyst crystal jewelry can enhance your look. Amethyst is a meaningful addition to your fall jewelry collection because of its deep purple tones, which stand for transformation and inner peace.

Imagine wearing a little black dress with a stunning amethyst crystal pendant. Deep purple and traditional black look striking next to one another. 

Want to adopt a bohemian look? Consider pairing it with an amethyst crystal pendant, a flowing maxi dress, a denim jacket, and chunky boots for a casual yet fashionable look.



Handmade crystal jewelry is versatile and can be styled in any season and with any wardrobe. Everyone has something for themselves, be it the delicate elegance of a rose quartz or the mystique of an amethyst crystal necklace. Step out in style this year and utilize the power of handcrafted crystal jewelry to genuinely enhance the magic of the fall season.


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