Top 6 Pieces of Crystal Jewelry to Pack for your Next Vacation

Top 6 Pieces of Crystal Jewelry to Pack for your Next Vacation - LeightWorks

A holiday coming up? To enjoy your destination in style, you will need a piece of vacation-worthy jewelry. Dressing for vacation is a whole different vibe, it's an excuse to dress your best away from the everyday routine.

Dress up and accessorize according to the location you are visiting. Jewelry is one of the most common vacation mayhems: how to bring it, what to wear with it, and what to leave at home.

If you own expensive valuables and jewelry, it is best to keep them at home. Choosing lighter and less expensive jewelry is always a good idea when on vacation. As high-quality, lightweight, and trendy jewelry, crystals are the perfect pick for vacations because they are less expensive than diamonds and gems.

6 Crystal Jewelry You Should Bring on Vacation

These are the 6 best pieces of crystal jewelry to pack for your upcoming vacation.

1. Sea Turtle Earrings

A beach vacation is on your agenda? Put on some beachy jewelry to complete your look. Symbolizing wisdom and luck, our Sea Turtle earrings are made of sterling silver. You can make your beach photos look good with brightly colored outfits and some funky crystal jewelry.

Additionally, these sterling silver earrings can be paired with one of our Sea Turtle Pendants for a stunning ensemble. It is great to wear crystal jewelry on the beach because it won't tarnish from salty water or moisture.


2. Small Heart Pendant

If you're in a romantic place such as Paris or Amsterdam, pair your outfit with a small heart pendant for a romantic look. The set will look gorgeous when paired with our crystal heart earrings. It goes perfectly with your flowy dresses and gowns. With an iridescent glow from within, our pendants are a great gift idea for loved ones to show how much you care for them.

3. Small Double Ring

The trend of crystal rings never goes out of style, they are chic and easy to wear. We offer a beautiful, lightweight, and durable silver and crystal Small Double Ring. Mix and match them to create interesting combinations. With our exclusive crystal rings, you can create a timeless yet modern look. Whether you want a delicate sterling silver band or a big statement ring, we have your perfect style.

4. 7 Oval Stones Bracelet

When it's holiday time, we all like to wear bright, happy colors. You can wear our 7 oval stones bracelet with any outfit you choose. The 7 Oval Stones Bracelet compliments any outfit and matches perfectly with many of our pendants and earrings. Bracelets are known to add finishing touches to any outfit, our crystal bracelets are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Chains & Chokers

Chokers and chains are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy their vacation with a minimalist look. Undoubtedly they are low maintenance, sophisticated, and easy to wear. For a more trendy look, you can pair them with our crystal pendants. Our crystal stud earrings go great with them for a modern look that is simple and chic.

6. Small Drop Pendant & Drop Earrings Set

Whether you're wearing a dress or a casual outfit, this classic small drop pendant and earrings set is perfect. Try adding some color and experimenting with your style. Our top sellers, the small drop earrings and the pendant make this set ideal for vacation dates.

Make a style statement!

There is no doubt that jewelry is an essential part of fashion, even on your travels. Be sure to choose items that suit your taste and style. Low maintenance makes crystal jewelry one of the best vacation outfits, so you can stay carefree during your vacation.

If you are traveling with crystals, keep them in gemstone pouches to avoid losing them. Besides, remember to clean your crystals every day to preserve their quality. Happy Holiday.

Until next time, stay powerful!


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