How to Care for your Crystal Handmade Jewelry

How to Care for your Crystal Handmade Jewelry - LeightWorks

We all love shiny and sparkly crystal jewelry but with time if not taken proper care of it will lose its luster. Just like you care for your body and skin, caring for your jewelry is a must. Handmade jewelry is more delicate as compared to others, so a little extra care will allow it to last a little more. After all, you can’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

We can’t deny that normal wear and tear will happen no matter how careful you are. But, following these simple tips below will help keep your crystals sparkle and shine.

Top 6 Ways To Clean and Cleanse Your Handmade Jewelry

Store in a Ziplock Bags

Always store your crystal jewelry in a cool and dry place. It should also be stored separately from your other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches. An airtight zip lock bag and a separate jewelry box will always be a good idea. Sterling silver jewelry also tends to tarnish over time but keeping your sterling silver jewelry in an airtight ziplock bag will prevent it from tarnishing. However, you will still need to polish it.

Gently Wipe the pieces

Use a soft and damp cloth to gently wipe the crystals. Never use ultrasonic cleaners and hard chemicals on your jewelry. Chlorine, saltwater, household cleaners, detergents, and lotions can cause the discoloration of crystals. The crystal’s surface is scratchable so always use a soft polishing cloth or 100% cotton cloth.

Don’t Stack Up

Pieces like earrings and bracelets, can be grouped and store separately. Chokers and Chains should be hung to avoid tangling. There are a lot of jewelry organizers and boards are available online. If you want to store it in a jewelry box, store a silica packet or a piece of chalk inside a bag with a piece of jewelry to absorb the extra moisture.

Clean Regularly

Clean your jewelry regularly using warm water and mild soap. You can also use a soft brush and dry cloth to polish it gently. A coarse cloth may scratch crystals.

Take Care while Travelling



No doubt crystal jewelry is an important part of your outfit and look. When traveling, protect your crystal pieces from scratches or damage by padding them in a separate jewelry box or case. Ideally, sterling silver with crystal pendants should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth.


Use Jewelry Refresher Hand Sanitizer Spray

Refresh and clean your LeightWorks Jewelry with our new Lavender Jewelry Refresher Hand Sanitizer Spray. It is made with 99% Isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide that keeps your jewelry clean and disinfect.

And guess what natural glycol and lavender oils restore shine and give your favorite pieces a refreshing smell. Great for use on hands too!


Wrapping up!

Hope you will enjoy your newly bought crystal jewelry with these simple tips. Let us keep our crystals clean, scratch-free, and glistening. You can also explore our exclusive crystal collection for more!



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