Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Hand-cut, polished quartz crystal and optic glass layered inside with different blends of precious metals that were developed by NASA for the astronaut shields.

Where does the color come from? 

The different blends of precious metals are   cold-fused inside using UV light to create  different, iridescent prism colors that make the pieces glow from within.

How do they change color?

The prism inside reflects and transmits a range of colors that change depending on the movement, amount of light around/behind the piece, your skin tone, and the colors of your clothing.

Other Facts:

They are very durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. We cut and polish each piece like a diamond or opal which enhances the light and color offering a unique style, simple clean elegance, and eye-catching quality to all who wear them.

These award-winning, original pieces have been created in Ocean Beach, CA since 2004.